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Security Operations.

Automation Process

Our automation process in security applications is top notch.

Penetration Analysis

We use various penetration tools to analyze security weaknesses

Cloud Integration

We use cloud intelliegence feeds from various IOC enrinchment intelliegence platform to make decisions based on the threat landscape

about us

Thank you for the interest you show in us, iPdatatech has been in business since 1998, Executing projects for firms within West Africa. At Internet Protocol data Technology ('iPdatatech'), we are commited to all your Web Content Developments, Network Engineering (Wireless and LAN cable Structuring), Electrical wiring, Repairs of PC and Generators, and Installation of various Digital Appliances, because Innovation, Integrity, Trust, Transparency, Creativity, Commitment and Efficiency are our core values, and these are what we offer to our clients. You, our clients are at the center of everything we do. We are Committed and Dependable in our job, and our Prices are also Affordable.

Accomplishments and Goals

iPdatatech have engaged in several Web developing and Network Jobs both within the shores of West Africa making iPdatatech one of the leading brands in the region. We use cutting edge technology to accomplish our designs making sure our jobs are more Efficient and Trustworthy. In 1998-2000 iPdatatech completed the Rewinding and restoration of various 15HP Electric water pumps and 30HP Submersible water pumps in West Africa

In 2001-2009 iPdatatech completed the project of Wireless Networking and LAN cable structuring for Etos Oil Company, Pakistan High School Building, the building of the Vice chancery of Zambia and Training of Staffs of Ideal Comprehensive Networking. In 2009 iPdatatech completed the Networking LAN cable structuring for the building of Bosak Micro Finance bank Lagos, Nigeria West Africa

In 2013 to 2016 iPdatatech took on the LAN projects of Various Office Buildings in West Africa from start to finish. Our goal is to be the leading brand in providing services in the Cyber Security and Network Security Industry accross various continents, as we provide services that always conform to or exceed specifications. We consistently deliver by offering services that meet or exceed our clients requirements without error, on time, 24/7. Your Satisfaction is our main concern, we are deeply interested in achieving the best for your Firm

Latest News

Emotet Botnet is Disrupted with an Unusual Activity; Replacing Emotet Payload with Animated GIFs

From the past few days, unknown hackers are disrupting the operations of recently restored Emotet botnet by replacing Emotet payloads with animated GIFs, effectively preventing victims from getting infected. The hackers targeted the Emotet’s distribution channel organized of compromised websites used to host the malicious payloads distributed by Emotet operators..Read more

Apache web server bug grants root access on shared hosting environments

According to zdnet.com; Apache web server bug grants root access on shared hosting environments. Read more from the Web

Ransomware virus discovered in P.E.I. government network was active for 90 minutes, according to province

According to cbc.ca The province says a virus that was recently discovered on its government computer network, which it's describing as ransomware, was active for 90 minutes Sunday afternoon. Read more from the Web

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